The lush green carpets of tea plantations, century old dams, swaying grove and serenity at Munnar captivates every tourists with its mystic charm. The pleasing climate, whining of the breeze and abundant flora makes this place very unique.
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What Causes Cold Sores?: Before we answer that, let’s clear up something first. There are two types of Herpes Simplex Virus – HSV1 and HSV2. While both can spread to other areas of the body when contact is made, HSV1 is what causes cold sores while HSV2 is the cause of genital herpes.
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Finalement les huîtres marennes oléron sont élevées dans le bassin Marennes Oléron étant le premier et le mieux important bassin ostréicole de l’Europe. Il comporte 6.000 hectares de parcs et de claires a peu pres. Chaque saison, 45.000 à 60.000 tonnes d’huîtres en provenance de ce bassin sont vendus.
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